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Starting INDLINE Application
Question Do I need to have a webcam to join INDLINE?
Answer It is not mandatory! You don’t have to have a web cam to join INDLINE. However, if you want your friends to be able to view you while you’re chatting using INDLINE’s Personal Messaging or do a Video conference in the chat room, you will need to have a web cam. In addition, you will need a speaker and a microphone to be able to talk to your friends on-line using Indline’s Internet Phone Feature.
Question I have installed Indline successfully, but I have a problem logging in.
  1. Have you activated your account? It is necessary to activate your account by checking your email and follow the instruction to activate it.
  2. Make sure that you are using your “User Name” and not your “Nick Name” when trying to log in.
  3. Make sure that you are entering your “Password” exactly as you submitted it. Passwords are “Case Sensitive”.
  4. Your windows firewall might be blocking Indline from accessing the Internet. Open your Windows firewall setting and add Indline into the exception lists
  5. You are behind proxy. You need to set up a proxy on Indline's dialer before you log in. You can find the step by step guide on our help menu
Question Does INDLINE have spyware or adware?
Answer No. INDLINE is free from spyware and adware.
Question What Operating System supports the INDLINE application?
Answer At this moment INDLINE works only on Windows 2000 and Windows XP Operating Systems
General usage of INDLINE Application
Question Why can’t I have the same nick name as my user name/email address?
Answer The reason why Indline does not allow users to have the same nick name as their user name is because of security reasons. INDLINE is dedicated to maintaining a High level of privacy for its users. Your nickname will only appear when you are inside the conference rooms, instant messages, and offline messages and on the friends list as well Your username / e-mail address will remain private to avoid unwanted emails or messages from unknown users.
Question Can I chat with my other MSN or Yahoo friends on INDLINE?
Answer It is not possible at this time. But it will be very soon.
Instant Communication
Question Someone is harassing me through a personal message. What can I do to handle this matter?
Answer Indline provides a friend list menu on the application. You have the ability to block that person by clicking her/his nickname and select the block mode. If the user keeps harassing you, you can report this matter to INDLINE administration trough [email protected]
Question How can I make my room permanent?

There are several criteria to follow;

  1. You have to set a fixed broadcasting schedule and maintain at least 50 people in the room in order to own a permanent room.
  2. People in the room should have the same interest or in the some community
  3. The room must be not associated with any racial and political issues.
Once you've met the criteria mentioned above, you can contact INDLINE room administration and request to establish a permanent room. You can reach us by emailing [email protected]
Question How do I get into a room that’s password protected?
Answer Indline allows users to create private chat rooms that can only be accessed by entering the password – previously set up by the room owner. The only way to join the chat room is when you know the password or if the room owner invites you to join his/her room.
Question Can I join more than one room simultaneously?
Answer It is not possible. You are only allowed to join one chat room at a time.
Question How much bandwidth does it take to run a video stream in the chat room?

Indline Video : 27KB/Sec or 27600 Bytes/Sec

Indline Voice :
Phone = 600 Bytes
STD = 1000 Bytes
Good = 2048 Bytes
Stereo = 3072 Byte

Question I cannot view the video stream clearly, and the voice is breaking.
  1. The most common reason is because of poor internet connection. If you are in a slow modem connection, try not opening so many video windows. If you do not have enough bandwidth, you can't see very many videos.
  2. If your sound is breaking badly try closing some of your programs running in the background that you don't need.
Question My INDLINE friends have trouble seeing my video stream.
Answer Another common reason is poor internet connection on your friend’s end or yours as well
Question How can I ignore an annoying person in a room?
Answer Go to your friends list, click his/her nick name and select ignore text.
Question How can I resize/ enlarge my video windows sizes?
Answer After you click ‘view video’, click the down arrow button to select the window(s) you want to view. To enlarge, just simply click the square button until it becomes a separate window, and drag down orange lining on the bottom right corner.
Question I only see 3 video windows to view on the application. How can I view up to 9 video windows?
Answer You can just drag down the orange lining on the right bottom corner.
Question What type of audio and video format can be played on INDLINE application?
Answer Audio: mp3, wma, wav
Image: JPEG, png, gif, tif
Video: avi, wmv, asf
Question Are the INDLINE spread sheet and word processor files compatible with Microsoft Office?

Yes, they are.

  1. For word processor save your document in *txt and *rtf format.
  2. For spread sheet save your document in *xls format.
Question Can I open my other email accounts using the INDLINE mail application?
Answer Yes, you can. Indline’s Mail Application provides you with the ability to manage others email account with POP3 and IMAP
Question Do I have to login to the INDLINE application to access my emails
Answer No, you don’t have to. You can open INDLINE mail through INDLINE’s web page -, go to member access and select Indline Global Mail or just type in on your browser.
Question Can I change my nick name?
Answer No, you can’t. You will have to register as a new member to get a new nick name.
Question I forgot my password. How can I retrieve it?
Answer Go to and choose Member Access menu. Follow the instruction.
Question How do I change my password?
Answer On your Indline application client, click on MY INDLINE Icon on the console (the sixth button from the left) and select CHANGE PASSWORD.
Edit Profile
Question How can I change my profile?
Answer Click MY INDLINE Icon (the sixth button from the left) and select edit profile.
Question INDLINE administrators will never ask a user’s credit card number, photo, ID number, etc.
Question Never install 3rd party programs that are designed to manipulate INDLINE Functions, as theses types of programs usually contain Trojans, Key loggers, and Viruses that could compromise your Indline Account.
Question Always use caution when accepting files from people you don’t know when using INDLINE.
Question I’m having problem in registration. How can I register properly?
  1. Go to and select ‘Get Started' menu to register and activate your account.
  2. Go back to and click the download button. Select Indline Application, save the Indline set up.exe and Install the software application (application size: 4 MB)
  3. Open the application and log in with your new user name. You can set the connection even if you are behind a proxy.
Question I have installed the Indline application, but I’m not able to sign in, (I am using a Proxy.)

Your firewall software might be blocking Indline from accessing the Internet. You will need to set up a proxy on Indline's dialer before you log in.

Step 1. Open Indline application. (insert indline dialer pic)

Step 2. Click Setting to set up the proxy (insert setting dialer pic)

  • check the connection using proxy box
  • Insert your IP address on the ‘host' field (Double click your Local Area Connection Status and click the Support tab to find your IP address)
  • Check the http box
Step 3. Insert your user name and password and then login.
Question I am behind a Router/NAT firewall and cannot connect to Indline, What ports do I need to open?

Please open these following ports :

TCP 3690 – incoming port for client data connections
UDP 40000 – 49999 – incoming port for voice streams
UDP 30000 – 39999 – incoming port for video streams

Question How do I add someone to my Contact List?
Answer On your contact list window, you can click on the ADD button on the left bottom corner to add someone. The nickname entered is case sensitive. If you are in a Multimedia Chat Room, you can right click on a name in the room list and select “Add to contact list”Note: Users will not appear on your list until they have approved your request to add them.
Question How can I change my “Online status?
Answer On the main console, click under your nickname display to change your availability status.





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